My furry friend’s Bday


Hello people!

It’s been a while and I said the last time that the one week daily blogging challenge motivated me to write more often, but in my defense, I have to say I’ve been doing stuff around and it’s been so hot in the city that I was not really in the mood to spend time at the PC after work.

The reason why I am here today is because it is Papoy’s Bday. I realized time passes pretty fast as she is 2 years old now. I still remember back in the days where I had to put a bell on her harness and keep her in the harness to be able to know where she was when she tried to hide under the bed or the couch or the kitchen cupboard.

She is, with no doubts, the best company I’ve ever had and I had to stamp it on the internet.

Having a dog at home was something that I always wanted to do when living alone, but having Papoy is even better. Whoever comes home needs to keep in mind she loves playing and she is stubborn and annoying when she wants to play and you don’t pay attention.

I am used to it and I am guilty of that because we usually spend a full hour every day playing fetch.

Happy Bday to my little Princess!

That’s all for today.





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