#OneWeekDailyBlogging challenge- feedback

Hello there!

It is over! Welcome to the 7th post of the #OneWeekDailyBlogging challenge!

I might keep blogging often, I quite liked the fact that I had to force myself into using this blog cause it was created for a reason! Now, This entry is going to be short though.

I want to talk about how I expected the week to go and how it really went.

When this challenge started I thought it was a very bad idea even if I accepted it because writing is time consuming .

It turns out making a daily blog post is not as hard as I thought, because I have plenty of things to talk about. Sometimes it is harder and I make useless content, but sometimes I start with something that I think is going to be short and I end up having a blog entry longer than what I wanted in the first place ( longer for my taste).

It also made us ( the people taking part in the challenge) to interact more with each other. You might think this is stupid but, hey! I reached the 1.000 tweets with this challenge and I was not using twitter that much before!

The challenge made me go read blogs from other people that are not even in this challenge, but have awesome content in their blogs such as traveling experiences or food! (I love food).

All in all it was a pretty nice experience that I would definitely repeat! (not right now, though).

Special thank to @anemsalok for coming up with this idea!

I wish you all a great weekend!



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