I miss food! – Living in Germany


This is post number 6 from the #oneweekdailyblogging series. This series is about to finish and I don’t know if I feel happy or sad about it. Who knows? It might make me blog more often!

Less blabbing and more “focus on the topic”.

It is time to talk a little bit about things that you don’t realize you actually love until you don’t have them near by anymore.

Do you know this feeling when you are about to decide what do you want to eat, you try to reproduce the taste in your mouth and then you suddenly get it? You know what would be the perfect thing cause you are in the mood for it and it is there, right there.

I have those moments sometimes, but they tend to be with food I cannot really get because it is not there, it is +1500 km away.

You are wondering now what on Earth could be so far away, right? Well, home. The place where I got introduced to food when I was a baby.

When you move to another country, the food is one of the main things you realize is not the same (unless you move to a country where they eat similar dishes which could be, in my case, Italy for example).

I went further, as I said somewhere before, I moved to Germany. And the food style, even when using the same ingredients is very different. Of course, there are many similar things, a steak is a steak after all, but there are certain things that I took for granted when I was a kid that I don’t when traveling around anymore. This is why today I am going to make a top 3 of restaurants that come to my mind when having those moments I mentioned earlier when deciding what do I want to eat.

For those of you who are thinking: well Candela, good job, we don’t know what you have in Spain, don’t worry. I will put links to places and specific products when talking about them.

Here my top 3 food places I miss the most:

Los  100 Montaditos

This is a restaurant chain that expanded a couple of years ago all over the Spanish territory, offering small sandwiches either sweet or salty. The prices are pretty cheap and the variety of ingredients for the sandwiches that they have is quite big. It is somehow “tapas” style, but with bread.


This is one of the pizza chains we have in Spain and even if the pizza prices they work with is expensive compared to other places I still have not found any other place working with such a delicious BBQ sauce. When I order pizza here in Germany I always find myself thinking about that specific sauce.

Chiringuito– It is very hard to pick just one, but I will add the last one I went in March this year.

This is a very special type of restaurant. You will be able to spot them next to the beach and they serve fresh fish. There is one dish from the area where I come from that I I cannot stop eating when I go there. It is the so called “Espeto de Sardina”, which is basically a bunch of sardines in a stick that gets cooked with fire on a boat. Here’s a picture, I think it will be easier for you to understand. Simply delicious.


This is all for today!

See you tomorrow!



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