Sleeping is good!


It’s me again! I have no idea how am I managing the fac that I have to post every day but it is working. The thing is, when I start writing some of the days I don’t know what am I going to talk about, but somehow with the flow I end up with a topic. 

Today, in the other hand, it was a little bit difficult. I didn’t have an easy day and after work I went straight to my dance class so right now my brain doesn’t work properly, so I am going to talk about how much I like to sleep, which is all I can think about right now.

Do you know anybody able to go to bed around 20.00 and wake up the next day at 14.00?

Now you do, I can.

Even better now, do you know anybody able to go to bed at 22.00, wake up at 14.00 and have something directly for lunch, then take a nap let’s say from 15.00 (right after being done with lunch) until 19.00, wake up to take another snack and then go back to bed at 22.00 again being able to sleep the whole night with no issues?

I can! I have this ability to sleep whenever I want to matter if I am tired or not (except for the days that I feel sick or that I am really sick, which doesn’t happen often).

This is all I can think of right now, I need to get some sleep, so I am done for today, I hope tomorrow I can offer you something useful.

Have a good night everybody! It is game over for me!

See you tomorrow!



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