How gardening changed my life


Once again here I am with a random post fulfilling the #oneweekdailyblogging challenge.

This is the day 4 of this series and I have to admit I am enjoying this challenge a lot more than what I thought it would be.

As you might have notice by reading the title this looks like a very serious topic but, let me tell you it is not.

This is a post based on an idea Friendly Necromancer brought up on twitter.

After thinking about it for a while, I found the perfect topic, the one and only thing that was in front of my face and I never mentioned so here I go.

To be totally honest with you, and this is the point of the blog, I am in a quite advanced level of killing plants. For some reason I got a tomato plant, a bonsai and other plant (that I do not know the English name for it, but it is one of those that you cannot kill cause they grow roots pretty much anywhere) at a Fair. The fact that here in Germany they have plants tombolas at Fairs is quite interesting already on its own but this is not the topic for today.

Two out of my three plants are dead by now since the tomato plant obviously did not make it through the winter followed by the bonsai that last weekend (it seems it was an outdoor plant, but under shadow) from one day to the other it completely dried out from being the whole day at the sun (it had water though so I am not quite sure what happened). To be totally fair it was the first time I own plants and I had to take care of them so having still one alive for a year out of three that I had in the first place is not that bad, isn’t it?

I realized at some point back in 2015 that there was a way for me to take care of plants and obtain something as a reward. I introduced myself to the huge world of gardening in Wizard101, which not only gives you gold, but also a bunch of reagents used for crafting and pet snacks- pretty handy when you are training your pet.

Good point: if you do not want to use the pet snacks or the reagent- you can sell them for gold!

At the beginning I was not convinced about gardening, because you have to kind of daily check your plants to have results, but once you try this awesome event called “Double gardening reward” you simply cannot go back to not using this option of the game!

I was a very “casual” wizard just leveling up with my quests gathering the resources I needed just when I had to use them complaining about how some reagents were not easy to find or even asking friends for help, but this is when one of the people playing with me suggested the gardening part of the game and, OMG, what an awesome change it was for me.

Plants in wizard101 ask you for what they need! Do they need sunlight? Don’t worry about it! They will tell you! Is it water what they need? Don’t worry, they will let you know! You can even revive them when they are completely dead… Just tell me one plant in real life that does that! It simply doesn’t happen! And the good part of it? It is all magic… If you find any other gardening style that is as perfect as the wizard101 system let me know, I will be ready to convince you that it is not happening! And the best part: you do not have to wait for months and months to see the results, within a day or two, depending on how many things surrounding them they like (because they even tell you if they like where you placed them or if they like their neighbour plants).

I will keep trying to make plants survive at home, but my “gardening hobby” will remain in Wizard101.


That’s all for today!

See you tomorrow!







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