A dog in your life

Hello people!

Welcome to the third day of #oneweekdailyblogging.

It is a pretty big achievement for me to manage 3 posts in a row because, as you can tell from the amount of posts that I have, I tend not to even make one per month, but it seems this challenge is kind of working as I find there are plenty of things to talk about. 

My topic for today is all about how life is when you have an extra life to take care of rather than just yourself.

Probably only pet owners and people liking animals will understand me when I say my little furry friend is one of the most (if not the most) important things in my life right now and your heart will melt with the picture I am using for this entry today.


Now, I will focus today into talking about a very controversial thing that has been going on in the past weeks regarding dog owners and how do we humanize them making them “misbehave” as dogs while their real nature is a dog’s nature.

There are many breeds, of course, some are closer to “wild instincts”, some are closer to “be taken care of”. My dog is a Shih-Tzu. She has dog instincts and she loves hunting little bugs and flowers. If you think that is enough to let such a dog when they are puppies in the forest to go live their wild life, please do not even think about being a pet owner ever, the animal lovers will appreciate it, thank you.

Let’s say now we have it all clear, small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Pekingese, Maltese, Shih-Tzu, etc are not wild animals. They need families loving them and taking care of them. Who is anybody to judge how do I take care of my dog?

I wash her once a week, because, let’s face it, when your dog has 2 different coats of hair and she loves to jump on muddy floor the grooming proccess can be quite tedious. I feed her the right amount of food for her age/weight/breed. She goes to the vet when she has to, she exercises and I take care of checking if she does her “pee-pee or poop-poop” properly. If I ever have any issue I will make sure I ask the people who I trust (which is the vet where I bring her for the vaccines and anything I need) and the rest is fully nonsense for me.

I have had a couple of discussions with pet owners where each of us has a different opinion, which is normal as each dog has different needs, but there is something quite annoying with people not being pet owners that believe they have the right to say “it is bad for the dog to sleep on your bed” or “it is bad for the dog to eat human food”. People, please, before sharing or giving your opinion, inform yourself about it. Just because “it is on the internet” it does not mean it is a real fact, or it is written by people who know about it.

If you do not like certain things or you would not do certain things if you had a dog I understand and I respect your opinion, but do not try to convince me as you are showing then that you do not respect mine.

My second thing to point out today is: I have my family, my friends and people around every day to talk to, spend time with and so on. My dog has me, and this might sound as a very childish thing, but no matter what my time with my dog is important and that includes her being next to me if she wants while I watch a movie (which she watches as well 😛 ) or sleeping next to me no matter if it is on my couch, my bed or anywhere around my flat.

So, let’s be all honest and have an opinion about the things we are able to 🙂 It will for sure make the internet a better place to be!

This is all for today!

See you tomorrow!


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