Zumba makes you feel good!

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Here I am keeping up with the #oneweekdailyblogging challenge on day 2.

Today I will  repeat something it is said all over the place every single day: exercising is good not only for your body but also for your brain.

I know for the majority of people who do not exercise every day or every week it is something that automatically creates a state of laziness in your mind, but it is a matter of just finding the right thing fitting to the things you like.

I like dancing, but I never managed to find people around that would be interested in the same dance styles that I like which are mainly latin and for most of the Latin styles you need a partner.

For quite a while I was in the need of exercising, but I hate jogging and I now can say that I hate static exercises so I found a couple of dance studios around the city where they train in many different styles. One of them was latin mixed with salon dances which was something that caught my attention, but the amount of money they asked for 1 hours per week was insane, so I found this other studio called Magic Dance Tanzestudio where they had Zumba classes.

I meet an awesome trainer who motivates every single person in the room and no matter how your mood of the day is she will make you smile the moment you step into the room which for me is very important since what you do there after all is exercise.

The society has the tendency to think this kind of trainings are only for women and that is what you find in most of the Zumba studios and this thought comes to opinions that tend to say this is not real exercise but here a big fact. It is, with no doubt, a cardio exercise that allows your body to go into a routine that lets you train muscles that you did not even know you had.

I started training approximately in May and I go to the dance studio twice per week. From not exercising to exercising twice per week I saw and felt a pretty big change and I can say now I lost 8 Kg which is insane for just 2 months.

It affected not only my body, but also I can tell from the 7 days a week has, almost 5 of them I was in a very bad mood. Guess what? I do not have that many bad days anymore.

Here is my tip for today: no matter what, find a hobby you like and make it happen. Life is too short to be grumpy all day.


And for anybody wondering about my hair, it is fixed!


See you tomorrow!



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