How you should not do your hair…

Hello everybody!

I will start this post saying I have been challenged by the lovely @anemsalok to daily blog for a week, so here is my first post of this series.

I had a couple of topics in mind since many things were going on from the last blog post I did, but today, after experimenting again with my hair, something worth explaining happened so here you will be able to laugh and learn from my mistakes.

My friends know by now that I do not go to hair salons. I started experimenting with my hair colours and my hair cuts  at the age of 12 and having as mother a hair dresser helps a lot with that. She has been cutting my hair until I moved out of my family house and she pretty much taught me how to handle my messy curly hair, so in the past I bleached it, I coloured it, I cut it short, I tried layers, fringe and all that jazz.

Since summer is approaching ( if the German weather allows it) I was ready for a change so two weeks ago I was in the mood for purple ends. I bought the hair coloration I had the tools I needed and on a bright Saturday morning I went for it. For those of you who do not know, the fantasy colors are temporary, so either you use products to wash your hair that help the color last longer or you might have to re-apply the colour often.

Two weeks have passed and the purple has faded into a nice silvery/bluish kind of color which looks ok, but I did not want that so I bought another purple coloration, but this time I wanted it a little bit brighter and I was not at all in the mood for bleaching products, instead I got myself something called “colour remover” from an “all natural ingredients company” that I will not mention here because I am not proud of the result.

Today, after a long week of work, I thought it would be a good idea to use this “colour remover” so I could have the hair ready for the new purple tomorrow. I always read the instructions before because each company has its own steps and each hair product is different.

The instruction said, clearly, to apply to the desired area of the hair, cover with a shower cap or some plastic for 30-40 minutes ( if the hair was already coloured) and for 10-20 minutes ( if the hair was never coloured because the product would react faster). The areas of my hair where I wanted to use it were coloured (there was a brown coloration underneath the purple) so I figured out, that 30 minutes would be more than enough.

I applied it as the little pictures and the text explained how to proceed. I covered it with some plastic and waited for 15 minutes checking on the mirror all the time how my hair was reacting to it.

It turns out it just needed 10 minutes as it was when I saw the first results. I washed my hair to remove the product and, to my surprise, not only I am a little bit blonde at the ends, but also some strings of hair have a GREEN tint on it.

This green is the brassiness that a bleach causes when you try to make a brown lighter and the result wold be orange, but usually you fix that with “·purple shampoos” so I have to say that today I did magic to my hair because the purple was there somehow!

I hate it that much that probably if I do not manage to fix it today I will probably start the summer with short hair.

I will finish this post by showing you a picture of what my hair looks like by now.



That is all for today!

Hopefully see you tomorrow as well!