Weird things do happen!

Hello, hello!

It has been a long time since I did my last entry in the blog, but I was not really in the mood till today because yesterday, something worth explaining happened right in front of my flat door.

As most of my Friday evenings I was just chilling in my couch watching series after a long week of work  when suddenly I heard something very weird going on in the hallway.

For a couple of hours there were people ( I thought it was inside a flat in a lower floor having a party or something) talking very loud, but out of a sudden a gal started breathing VERY loud and even screaming while having what I thought it was not possible to have in a “common” area of the building that close to neighbours’ doors.

I kind of started shaking as my brain could not understand that it was a real couple having sex in front of my doormat.

For a minute I thought I was imagining it all till a minute later that they kind of bumped my door so I immediately jumped out of my couch bumped back the door and opened it to find myself in an awkward situation kicking out a full naked couple really having sex in the building. Of course, my flat’s entrance was full of clothes all over the place and the gal was so ashamed that she run downstairs naked while the guy was picking up the clothes.

I felt a bit bad cause we all were young at certain point, but for sure this is one of the most embarrassing situations I’ve ever had ( and probably for them it was the same).

I hope at least whoever you are can have a good laugh at this the same way I do now that the situation is over.

See you soon!


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