Bye fluffy boots!

Let me start the post saying it was hard to take the decision but it had to happen.

Hisilicon K3

When I moved to Germany a couple of years ago I found what it was about to be part of my winter every year. What I didn’t know is that at some point I would realise how bad they were for me, my feet and the proper form of my back when walking.

Unless you spend a bit of money on these boots styles (and a bit of money means around 200 euros) there is no way you can find a pair that holds its shape properly for more than a month (I give a couple of months to the ones with the hard sole- which, by the way, I still have a pair and cannot replace it yet- I’m too attached to them, sorry Emy).

With things said, it is time for me to grow up, find proper boots and start taking care of a part of my body that needs to work till I die.

This “funny” milestone starts today. Throwing away the 2 pairs you can see in the picture I put on top of this post. I did not want to show the picture of the boots directly in the trash, but since one of my best friends asked for it I will show it to her in private tomorrow.


That’s all for today 🙂



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