Risks I take crossing a street

Last Wednesday the day started as a normal day, I went to work and did my job. When it was time to go back home the whole day ended up being a disgusting experience.

As every afternoon I took the tram to go home. There was a storm here and it was raining as crazy but I had my jacket on with the hood so it seemed as a normal way back home on a wet day.

While I was in the tram I did not face any strange situation (which is weird considering the public transport here tends to promise you a daily adventure) so I stepped out of the tram and proceeded to cross the street on my way home.

As I said it was raining, I was just waiting for the traffic light to turn green for me and the light for the cars was already orange so I stepped closer to the street. There was a van coming a little bit faster than usual on my street but I thought the driver would stop since it was about to turn red for him.

My surprise came when the driver did not stop and in front of me there was a pool! I didn’t have time to react when the van passed over the puddle splashing the dirty water all over me to the point that I got it in my mouth.

Of course due to the whole situation there was a man next to me who gave me a tissue right after it happened while laughing. I could not hold myself and started laughing as well with the disgusting taste in my mouth.

This is how a normal day can turn into a very special and disgusting memory.

Note for myself: When you are waiting in a pedestrian cross please stay far away from the street even if it is about to turn green for you, thank you.



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