My dog is trolling me


This little angel you see in the picture (and I used this picture for a reason) gave me a headache this morning.

As every morning I went for a walk with her and, as every morning, trying to put her the harness is a nightmare. She is lazier than me and she hates from the bottom of her little heart morning walks.

Since today it is bank holiday I did not even bother taking a shower or having breakfast before going out because usually morning walks are pretty short (and by short I mean she literally runs back home and goes back to sleep).

For some reason this morning it was different. Once I managed to get her out of the flat she was happily walking sniffing everything around all excited so I gave her 3 meters leash to run and check around so what happened next is totally my fault.

My morning nightmare started when one of the building doors on the street was open and she rushed in. Of course the door just closed in my face leaving the dog inside the building and me out. The thing here is, this is something I thought it would happen at some point in one of the happy walks and it kind of happened once already so I tend to run and react fast when she is in her happy walks but this morning with no coffee no shower and no open eyes I could not avoid it.

After a couple of minutes ringing bells with no reactions my little idiot started crying from the inside of the building which caused an old lady come out of her house. She came out when I was already waiting for 10 minutes- counted with the clock (she did not hear the bell but did hear the dog?!?!) and started screaming at me in a very strong German which I supposed meant “what the hell are you doing leaving the dog enter my flat”. She came with her phone and was about to call someone (but she was not even trying to explain me what was she about to do) so, at some point with a very rude attitude (I could not hold myself) I told her in English to stop and go **** herself.

I took my little baby out and went in a fast walk back home.

Once back I got my coffee, my shower and, of course, my dog is back in bed sleeping.

That’s my explosion today!





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