Dogs’ shampoo… for humans?

Hello there!

Today I have a fun story to share with you. In first place I will put you all in the situation so you understand what was going on yesterday evening.

As you know by now I do have a little Shih tzu. Since she is part of the family, I always keep her shampoo, conditioner and special brushes for bath time in the bathtub. In one corner of the bathtub I have her dog products and in the other corner I have the human products but I’m a woman and I have long hair so the products that I have to take care of my hair are almost next to my pup’s products.

This year, my family came for Christmas to Germany and my brother has been telling us for 2 days now that he needs to buy a special soap cause the one I’m used to buying is damaging his skin. He feels his skin is burning and itchy every time he takes a shower.

Yesterday, as part of my normal routine I wanted to give the dog a bath as she has been extra hyper active since my family is here and when I went to grab the shampoo I saw there was only half of the bottle left. I was shocked cause the dog shampoo I am using now I bought it last week so it was full and I bath the dog once per week (which usually makes the bottler last for 2 months).

I started thinking trying to understand how half of the dog shampoo bottle was just gone so I opened the bathroom door and asked my mother if she was using the wrong one. She was thinking and thinking cause she did not remember exactly what she used but finally she said she used a blue bottle which is my normal body soap so I kept trying to figure out how half of the dog shampoo could have been used.

While I was in the process, my brother jumped in the bathroom and literally said:

“Oh my Gosh! I’ve been using dog shampoo for 2 days in a row!”

The fun fact is that the dog shampoo bottle has a Shih Tzu picture on it, it is pink and it smells like roses.

The fact that he usually showers in the afternoon removes the “morning sleepy- not reading/checking excuse”.

Of course my sister, my mother and I started laughing till the point that we were even crying and I still laugh when I think about it.

More Spanish adventures in Karlsruhe to come soon!



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