Perfect day to watch TV

This morning I woke up thinking it was about time to keep making a puzzle I started more than 3 years ago.

The reason why I stopped doing it was cause I did not have space to open a 1000 tiles puzzle while living in a shared apartment, but as you might have read in the previous post that is not the case anymore so there I was, in front of the table with the pieces of the puzzle that I already did years ago trying to sort again colours to keep going when suddenly something that I was not hearing for the past 2 years got stuck in my brain.

My beloved neighbour.

This person who wakes up early every Sunday morning to turn on the TV and put the church channel very loud, as if it was a concert and the whole building had to hear it.

As I did 2 years ago, I went back to my bedroom and opened Spotify . I was thinking I was not in the mood to put latin music in the morning that loud but I still wanted him to either come and ask for a reason so I could explain him the issue or just bother him as much as he bothers me with the celestial sounds.

I have to stop here to explain something: one of the things that the landlord and the person responsible for the building told me before moving in this flat was that my next door neighbour loves to put loud music and loud TV shows and previous people renting this flat tried to ask him to adjust the volume with the result of him making it louder. Now I can keep going.

I decided I would fight this one with System of a Down. And so I did!

The problem is that the music from my flat was coming from the room that is not next to his living room so the result was that he simply put the TV a bit louder than before and sent to hell my desire of making the puzzle.

This is why I desperately need a TV!


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