How hard it is to clean a flat- living alone!



I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, but I didn’t know how to properly start it. Today I got the courage to start it and so here it is.

To be able to explain what is going on I need first to explain what happened before. Making it short: I have shared a 2 rooms flat with a friend for 2 years. What tends to happen when you live with someone that is not your boyfriend or someone as close as a family member is that at the end it is hard to arrange time to do a deep clean in a flat (or at least that is my experience).

Now  that things are kind of explained I have to follow this post saying that last weekend ( 5th of December to be more exact) my flatmate moved out of the flat.

The good point of this is that I now have the flat all by myself. The bad point here is that now I have to deep clean every single corner of the flat while re-arranging it.

Ceilings are made out of wood (which makes it hard to know if they are properly clean), windows are a nightmare, but the worst part is the top part of the kitchen furniture which is full of grease and dust all together.

I actually managed to remove part of it last weekend, but I still have a long way to be done ( and I  think I might not be ever done).

I managed to finish cleaning and sorting out the stuff that are part of my new living-room where now there is only a small spot free for a future TV at some point.

I also managed to put all the bathroom stuff in place as I’ve been storing all the bathroom things ( from deodorant to toothpaste in my bedroom for 2 years since we did not have space for the 2 of us in the bathroom).

My bedroom makes some kind of echo when I talk to my family or friends over skype (it feels like moving in to a brand new flat again).

All in all I have to admit I think I will not finish throwing away trash till Christmas next year and I do believe after being done I will die directly BUT it feels good to have “your own bubble where nobody can hurt you” again!

That’s all for today!



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