Good news in 2015?

I really do not know if this is only a feeling or if it is a real fact but every day I see more and more bad things going on around the world and less inspiring or good news everywhere. In my honest opinion it is true that news should work not only to inform but also to raise awareness to people about things that need to change but I do believe there is a big gap of information what we are all missing in global TV channels, online sites, newspapers and magazines.

Through the year we have seen planes crashing, students going to school with guns, people losing their houses cause the buildings were just too old and they collapse, some buildings exploding, flooding around the world, wars leading emigrations, a country losing the economic stability. All in all a big global human crisis that is way too far of an end.

I do understand that the more critical the situation or, in this case, the news are, the more visits/people watching the news, the shows or, the newspapers have. My question here is, is it worthy? Really?

Not for me. Yes, I want to be informed but no, I really do not want to keep ruining my mood every time I open a news site and see the picture of a crashed plane, the picture of a dead boy at the beach, the picture of a hunted animal that was not supposed to die at that moment or plenty of pictures with people in pyjamas that lost their houses cause their building simply felt down.

After you see the first page or the first news they show you you try to keep reading what is going on to find more bad stuff like, politicians stealing money, a man that commit suicide cause he could not support his family or a bus full of people leaving their country cause staying there could simply mean they would die.

I accept and assume we are not having the best human rights years and it is hard to find good things. We all have our own problems and we do have to deal with them the best way we can but is there anything good going on right now i the world worth to have in a newspaper? Because I am sure there is and I have the feeling we are missing it!

I know this entry does not have much content but I just needed to give my opinion out there.

– piink

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