Overbooking: a major incident that still happens.

Welcome to another terrible experience from my trip to Spain (this time, the way back to Germany).

A person with a normal brain would think that being in the century we are, it is very rare to find someone bumped out of a plane while having the tickets paid due to overbooking. Here I am to tell you that it happens.

I had to make a research to understand the reason why companies keep doing it cause a friend of mine told me that is normal and I could not believe it and guess what? It is all about money (what else ?)

It seems companies overbook their flights to try to fill the complete plane, even the seats that people leave empty cause of not showing up at the check in (they already count with it). Actually I better leave a really nice explanation I found on internet .

Now that we have the concept, let’s go to the point:

I had to fly back to Stuttgart from Málaga on 21st of August at 08:20 CEST. I showed up at the airport at 07:30 CEST to face a very insecure lady who literally told me when I gave her my ID card: “Oh no! I have a problem! I do not have any seat left for you and you will probably have to stay in Málaga because we have overbooking and all the sits in this plane are already assigned. Let me write down the identification number of your suitcase just in case we have to take it out of the plane cause you are staying if there is not a single free seat, I am giving you your ticket on standby, you have to go to the boarding gate and wait for my partner to tell you if there is any sit available for you”.

Whoever reading this that knows me would expect the following reaction: Me turning red and evolving into a very different  person who starts insulting and raging against the person in front of me. That happened, but first I took some minutes to get pale, shake and panic.

Some minutes later, the lady in the second counter at the check in welcomed another customer. The same moment the customer gave her the ID card her words were: “Oh no! Dude now it is me who has the issue! I am sorry, Sir but I have to tell you that we do not have any other free sit in this plane and I am afraid you will have to take the Sunday flight. I will let your ticket in standby, just go to the boarding gate and wait for my coworkers to tell you if we have any sit available for you”.

After filling an official complaint at the airport (probably it will not help but at least it helped me to feel better), I went to the boarding gate and waited for all the people to get in the plane. I got the last free sit in the plane and the sad part is that actually the other customer could not make it cause I sat on the last free spot in the plane.

In the other hand, due to the whole mess they created, my dog flew from Spain to Germany with her transport bag unchecked. The only thing they asked me for was her passport (and surprisingly they knew how to read the vaccines).

That’s all for today!


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