Flying to Spain with a dog, what an adventure!


There is something you need to know when you flight with a dog in the cabin. Companies have their very own terms and conditions and they will find anything they want to make you stay in your departure airport if they do not want to have a dog aboard.

Everything started on August 7th. I was supposed (and thank God I did) to take a flight from Stuttgart (Germany) to Málaga (Spain) at 06:20 in the morning. This meant I had to take the last train from the city where I live during the night (actually 02:00 in the morning) and then take a taxi at 03:00 from the main station to the airport to be on time for my flight.

After a very nice “night trip” with my little dog, I tried to do my usual check in where a very rude and sleepy man told me that my dog was over 8kg and should not go in the cabin.

Note: In the main picture you can see my 6.5kg Shih Tzu

This man sent me to the customer service stand where a very nice lady checked the dog. She told me that according to their terms and conditions the animal had to come in a hard container together with the rest of bullet points they have in their website:

  • Both the animal and the bag together may weigh no more than 8 kg.
  • The animal must be able to stand upright in the bag.
  • The animal must be able to turn around and lie in a natural position.
  • Only one animal is allowed per bag and per person.

(And I have to add here that I printed their terms and conditions cause I saw it coming)

I nicely asked her to please read the terms and conditions where they have written also the following points:

  • Animals must be carried in a watertight, closed, breathable bag (not a hard container) that they cannot bite through.
  • The bag may be no bigger than 40 x 40 x 25.5 cm.

After that she apologized and told me that the material of the bag was ok but the size of it did not fit to their conditions because it was too small for my dog.

After making clear that the bag was “correct according to their measures for the flight-she took a measuring tape to double check- I kindly asked her to check how the dog performed in the bag (she was sleeping curled around in half of the bag letting the other half completely empty and I can tell by the previous 4 hours of trip with her and the previous 2 training weeks that the dog was comfortable in it) and I also asked her to please read the official papers from the bag where it is written that this bag was 50x 35x25cm (which is not correct but it is what comes with the bag).

I also asked her if she could please get the message that their terms and conditions are controversial for any passenger using their services and also that she should decided if she wanted to follow “personal criteria” by not letting a dog take the flight cause they did not want a dog in the plane which meant they should give me a solution or she wanted to use their wildcard of not being responsible for what is written in their website and ruin 2 weeks of vacation for someone who saw her family last time on Christmas last year.

After 45 minutes of discussion she made my check in and let me go to the boarding gate. I tried to show her as well my ID card but she told me everything was fine and I could continue my trip normally.

Do you want to know the funniest thing in this story?

Not a single employee asked me for my passport or my identification card (and this is why I tried to show it to the second lady). Yes, it means I was able to flight from Stuttgart to Málaga without proving it was me.

This is all for my first post,

I might be sharing my experiece on the flight back to Germany soon.


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